First Night in Bangkok

We arrived in Bangkok after a 26 hour flight with layovers in Chicago and Tokyo. The flight was a lot better than I expected. Japan Airlines has amazing service and the seats were comfortable enough that we could get some sleep, especially on the flight from Tokyo to Bangkok. When we left Toronto it was a crisp -21C, without taking into account windchill.

The weather in Bangkok is great. It's actually a perfect 19C right now, something which the receptionist at our hotel said is very unusual. We are staying at a nice little hotel close to Khao San Road and we were pleasantly surprised when they upgraded our room to a suite. I think they are not as busy as usual because of the protests.

We took a cab from the airport, a metered, 'public taxi' as recommended by various travel blogs. On the drive down I got the impression that the infrastructure here is very good. Perhaps better than Toronto judging by the many highways we crossed. Also it seems to me that highway driving habits here are better too. Our taxi driver was in the right-most lane (fastest lane, because they drive on the left side of the road) and he switched lanes to make room for cars that were going faster. Now that's something you don't see very often on the 401.