First Week in Laos

We flew to Nakhon Phanom in Thailand and thanks to a nice Thai lady who gave us a ride to the bus station in her own car, managed to catch the last bus headed towards Laos. We spent a pretty stressful night in Tha Khek, because we decided not to take our Malaria pills and the hotel we stayed at did not have a mosquito net. And there were plenty of mosquitos.

Sign to Green Climber's Home

The next day we took a tuk tuk to Green Climber's Home and got to admire the beautiful country side. It was a refreshing change after the heat of Ton Sai (it was significantly cooler and less humid up north). GCH is located 12kms away from Tha Khek, among beautiful little limestone mountains.

limestone mountains

The camp is made up of ten detached bungalows, three shared dorms and the main building which houses the restaurant and is the main hangout spot.

gch bungalows

They also offers tent rentals, but that's not a good option because there is little shade where the tents are. We stayed in one of the detached bungalows, which was very nice. We even had our own bathroom. GCH is run by a German couple, Tanja and Uli who work very hard to keep this place in top shape. The atmosphere at GCH was not as great as in Ton Sai, but I'm sure it didn't help that there were was a stomach flu going around.

We did a bit of climbing here and made some new friends! Here's a photo of Raz and Melon, one of the many goats who roam around.

Razvan and Melon, the lady goat