Hike to Elfin Lakes

At the end of July the (now not so) Bearded One came to visit me in Vancouver. We had an awesome few days exploring the city and the surrounding mountains.

After an epic time at Skratch Bastid's RedBull Tour Bus BBQ in Vacouver, we decided to go for a hike. That's just the kinda place Vacouver is... Block party one night. Hike, the next.

We drove north towards Squamish and followed the dirt road past Quest University up the mountain.

The entire hike was on an old logging road, so it was not difficult at all. We found some berries on the side of the road. Yumm!

View of mountain throught the trees

Higher up in the alpine

As we got higher up in the alpine the vegetation changed and the views got more and more impressive.

After about 3 hours we got up to the lakes.
The Lakes

We stayed at the refuge overnight. It was a week night so there were only a handful of people there. We met an older hiker who was traveling by herself and a group of girls from Yukon.

We read online that there are beds in the shelter. They turned out to be more like benches. Which is fine, but we really wished we brought our foamies along.

The Refuge

The night sky was amazing. One of the biggest treats of the entire hike.