First Week in Laos

We flew to Nakhon Phanom in Thailand and thanks to a nice Thai lady who gave us a ride to the bus station in her own »

Day 2, Bangkok

We had a full day yesterday. We walked out of our hotel planning to see Wat Pho and a few other landmarks in the area, but »

First Night in Bangkok

We arrived in Bangkok after a 26 hour flight with layovers in Chicago and Tokyo. The flight was a lot better than I expected. Japan Airlines »

ng-checked and ng-click gotcha

Just wanted to take a moment to document a gotcha with angular's ng-checked and ng-click directives. Suppose you have the following angular code. Whenever a user »

Debugging HTTP errors that do not appear in Firebug

Scenario I am using SWFUpload to upload files from the browser straight into Amazon S3, but the upload isn't working. Here's the SWFUpload debug log: SWF »