How to create PG index operators in Ecto

I recently learned about the text_pattern_ops index that was introduced in Postgres 8.4. It adds an index that will speed up both WHERE »

Phoenix: Enable SQL logging in the test environment

This is obvious in hindsight, but I am writing this note in hopes that will help someone else. I was looking for a way to see »

JavaScript before CoffeeScript

CoffeeScript was written by Jeremy Ashkenas, a Ruby developer who was fed up with the quirks of JavaScript. It was an instant success in the Ruby »

Dokku Cheat Sheet

Show all running docker containers. docker ps -a Tail the Rails logs. docker logs -f <docker-container-id> Access the Rails console. dokku run <app-name& »

Setting up Dokku on Digital Ocean

This is a step by step tutorial that will walk you through setting up a Ruby on Rails application through Docker on Digital Ocean. Prerequisites Digital »

ng-checked and ng-click gotcha

Just wanted to take a moment to document a gotcha with angular's ng-checked and ng-click directives. Suppose you have the following angular code. Whenever a user »

Debugging HTTP errors that do not appear in Firebug

Scenario I am using SWFUpload to upload files from the browser straight into Amazon S3, but the upload isn't working. Here's the SWFUpload debug log: SWF »